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The Pancake House Restaurant

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The Pancake House Restaurant

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, San Diego Bakery Examiner

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 The Pancake House Restaurant is found at 1000 N 2nd St in El Cajon and they do pancakes plus every other thing I can think of for a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for family style restaurants.  I was outside snapping photos and Dave asked if I was local, and proceeded to ask if I could remember when this building was a smorgasbord.  Faint as that memory is, I do remember a smorgasbord in this location.  How many years ago?  A little research on the net suggests The Pancake House has been doing its thing for over 44 years.  They say memory is enhanced with proper nutrition so I entered the Pancake House looking for the best waffles in town.  Which Janet’s is this? Was a reference to my hunt for such sustenance for my memory enhancement, a.k.a. waffles.

Regardless of the number of years they’ve been doing it, they still do it very well in deed.  The stand alone building supports plenty of parking in the back and side of the restaurant.  The staff is very friendly, and adept at bringing your experience together with warmth and satisfaction.  They offer tables, booths, counter seating, and some of the tables look like pews right from church across the street.  The thing about the pew seating is if you get two of these side by side you can comfortably seat a party of 8-10 for a nice group outing.

I like that they do the coffee thermos at your table thing so you’ll never look for your server for your next refill.  The waffles were extremely good.  Maybe even the best I’ve had since beginning my quest for the best waffle in town.  I took an egg and bacon on top and Nancy had the combo with sausage.  We both enjoyed the breakfast very much.

We will head back again for more of the great offerings from the Pancake House Restaurant.  Next time I want to try a burger from the lunch menu.

Ah the perfect waffleAh the perfect waffle

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Does anybody do it better?

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“My Coco’s” is located inEl Cajon,CA at1025 Fletcher Parkway.  It’s a nice building complete with an ecologically minded insulated wall, made of standard construction but on the outside of this restaurant, they’ve piled high a wall of dirt (maybe 42”) which grows nice green vegetation.  They’ve got plenty of seating available for diners plus they can host meetings at the same time.  I believe the Kiwanis were there when we went.

Coco’s offers three squares plus they’ve got a decent bakery with their showcase offering some mighty delectable pies, cookies and sometimes I’ll see a nice cake or two.  On a recent Saturday brunch, Nancy and I went in search of good waffles. Coco’s came through with a nice breakfast and great service.  They offer an upscale coffee but we’ve come to the point where we know we just don’t have the gourmet palette for gourmet coffee, so we enjoyed the standard roast of their generic coffee.  It’s good and priced right.

They offer a large array of pancakes reminiscent of I Hop’s multitude.  Given that I’m on a quest to find the tastiest of waffles I passed on the pancakes, the French toast, the crepes, omelettes (of which 7 offerings are looking very tasty), and the hearty egg traditional for the Belgian combo, which was nice and priced right.

Still looking for peak peach pie  (Marie Callendar’s, none better), we took home one single crusted peach pie with glaze because it looked so good.  The price is as good as it gets but I’m just going to have to buy another peach pie next week, ‘cause this still isn’t peak season.

Coco’s does family style as well as anyone, and better than most.  This location ( does a good job getting your food to you quickly and always with a smile.  Prices are very competitive.  If you try another location and find the wait a bit long, try another location, after talking to several locals, I learned some of the stores are mired in molasses.  They can be long in getting your order to you, but not so this one.

Marie Callendar’s, none better

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, San Diego Bakery Examiner

July 20, 2011 – Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

 SAN DIEGO#74 , 6950 Alvarado Rd., San Diego, CA 92120

619-465-1910 | FAX 619-465-2304 Hours: M-Th 8-10, F & Sat 8-11, Sun 9-10
Breakfast Hours: M-Sat 8am-11am Brunch Hours: Sun 9am-2pm


Some of you might know this is a Marie Callendar’s just ‘cause you go there so often for pies.  Check out the site: .  Marie Callendar began her commercial culinary experience doing pies, and practice makes perfect.  This is my favorite pie shop in San Diego County.  Every one I talk to about a favorite pie talks Marie Callendar’s.


The best pie comes when the fruit is at peak season.  That is true no matter who’s baking.  But, if you want to experience something near existential, try a Marie Callendar peach pie at peak season, which is coming up any day now.


Peak season on peaches isn’t quite yet, I only know because I ate one of her pies just the other day and it wasn’t a heavenly experience.  I suppose I’ll just have to try again next week.  Of course then I’ll try the apple and after that the berries.  Really do try fruit pies over the next couple of months.  Let me know if you find one better than the ones at Marie’s.  (I’m still at



The other thing I found to be well worth honorable mention from this location is the Sunday brunch.  It was also wonderful.  This place is priced right, with good service, and has a very nice atmosphere.  It’s well worth a long drive for a pleasant Sunday grazing session at the brunch.


Good eating, and remember to enjoy a treat once in a while but eat healthy most of the time and with plenty of exercise, you’ll avoid being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.


Here in lies the proving grounds for Marie CallendarHere in lies the proving grounds for Marie Callendar

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Rating for Marie Callendar’s:


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saw it on FB and liked it

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Friends are like panties…Some crawl up your ass, some snap under pressure, some don’t have the strength to hold you up, some get a little twisted, some are your favorite, some are holy, some are cheap and just plain nasty and some actually cover your ass when you need them to.
Re-post for all the friends you know and love, give them a laugh today :o)

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