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The Pancake House Restaurant

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The Pancake House Restaurant

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, San Diego Bakery Examiner

July 28, 2011 – Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

 The Pancake House Restaurant is found at 1000 N 2nd St in El Cajon and they do pancakes plus every other thing I can think of for a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for family style restaurants.  I was outside snapping photos and Dave asked if I was local, and proceeded to ask if I could remember when this building was a smorgasbord.  Faint as that memory is, I do remember a smorgasbord in this location.  How many years ago?  A little research on the net suggests The Pancake House has been doing its thing for over 44 years.  They say memory is enhanced with proper nutrition so I entered the Pancake House looking for the best waffles in town.  Which Janet’s is this? Was a reference to my hunt for such sustenance for my memory enhancement, a.k.a. waffles.

Regardless of the number of years they’ve been doing it, they still do it very well in deed.  The stand alone building supports plenty of parking in the back and side of the restaurant.  The staff is very friendly, and adept at bringing your experience together with warmth and satisfaction.  They offer tables, booths, counter seating, and some of the tables look like pews right from church across the street.  The thing about the pew seating is if you get two of these side by side you can comfortably seat a party of 8-10 for a nice group outing.

I like that they do the coffee thermos at your table thing so you’ll never look for your server for your next refill.  The waffles were extremely good.  Maybe even the best I’ve had since beginning my quest for the best waffle in town.  I took an egg and bacon on top and Nancy had the combo with sausage.  We both enjoyed the breakfast very much.

We will head back again for more of the great offerings from the Pancake House Restaurant.  Next time I want to try a burger from the lunch menu.

Ah the perfect waffleAh the perfect waffle

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