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As a new Bakery Examiner I pictured excursions into neighborhood bakeries, tasting delicious pastries as a part of my job.

I discovered the art of baking as a passion amongst bakers is lacking here in San DiegoCounty.  What does an Examiner do?  According to doctrine, Examiners are responsible to inform our local citizenry of those things the Examiner has knowledge and or passion of.

No problemo, except there aren’t that many businesses around which fit the mold of a bakery.  I worried I would run out of fuel for this Bakery Examiner to continue with this job.  Then, I discovered a broad definition for Baker. According to Wikipedia, Bakers use slow cooking techniques to transform foods into tasty morsels for our consumption. Of course bakers produce cakes & pastries but they also do baked beans, baked potatoes, casseroles, pasta and that includes lasagna.

Well there you go…  I was off to Nicolosi’s for some good baked goods. 

I remember when Nicolosi’s was on 40th andEl Cajon years ago.  They were my favorite place for pizza.  By the time they moved to the top ofMissionValley I’d moved to the middle east ofSan DiegoCounty.  I wanted to go eat with them while they were clearly visible from the I-8 freeway but I’d never made it.  Then I was happy to hear they set up shop in a new location.  They moved into the old Fish Merchant location.

Now they do their thing at 7005 Navajo Roadin San Diego.  It’s still a family owned and operated business with recipes going back to the old country well over 50 years ago (  I tried the Chicken Marsala whileNancy went with the lasagna.  I also ordered the pizzarino (a fresh baked flat bread with marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  It was all very good.  Even the simple dinner salad is good and plentiful at Nicolosi’s.  Service was outstanding.

They do all their breads and pizza dough fresh daily.  Noah, a dedicated Nicolosi’s patron told me the bakers start daily at 2:30 a.m. every day in order to produce enough of the baked goodies consumed by local San Diegans.  After it was all eaten, I realized I still didn’t have the pizza that I remembered from my youth so I guess I’ll need to go back to Nicolosi’s for the pizza to let you know how that is.  Well somebody’s got to do it right?

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