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Nothing like the islands for cooling off on hot summer days

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A good day trip, even if you live in Coronado, is a trip over the graceful arch of the Coronado Bay Bridge.  Once you swing across and land on Orange Avenue you’re ready for any number of good things.  Perhaps best of all things to do in Coronado is to taste the treats at Miguel’s Cocina.  It is located at1351 Orange Avenue, in Coronado, just a step away from the Brigantine.  Check out their web site for all the points of interest, and pay attention to the fact that you can buy their jalapeno white sauce at many local retail outlets ( ).


Matt had the classic fish tacos batter-fried white fish fillets with red cabbage and shredded cheese, salsa fresca and ranch dressing in two warm corn tortillas.  Chrystal had the carne asada burrito marinated top sirloin sautéed with salsa fresca and rolled into a flour tortilla, topped with enchilada sauce, cheese and guacamole, served with rice and beans. Nancyhad the flautas, which are crispy rolled corn or flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken or beef, topped with sour cream, guacamole and salsa fresca, served with rice and beans and I had the combinaciones, enchiladas to be exact.  And we began with Miguel’s sampler, which offers beef taquitos, quesadillita and cheese nachos, guacamole, fried calamari and ceviche and is well worth the price.  Oh it was so wonderful.  Not one bite was less than muy perfecto!


The patio was so enchanting that I didn’t venture any closer to the dining room, but simply sat at the most pleasant table I’d ever sat at for lunch.  Jennifer was a great server without exception, looking after all of our needs and desires.  The price was more than fair, it was so inexpensive that I nearly felt guilty, like as if they had made a mistake with the bill.  Finally I want to especially thank the restaurant manager Jessica Brown for making our family outing exceptionally nice.


I do hardily recommend you go there soon and enjoy the atmosphere and the food.  You’ll love it!






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