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Subways are abundant in the whole county of San Diego

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How many amongst us know who the heck is Jared?  Like the San Diego Chicken, could Jared have imagined he’d become a star just by becoming a fan of a sub shop?


It’s not just Jared at the helm of this health craze.  Without Subway, there would be no Jared.  Overall Subways have done a pretty good job getting into the forefront of the healthy eating trend amongst fast food offerings.


Go into any Subway and you’re likely to find the menu will be the same regardless of the part of the county you’re in.  I love that they bake their bread fresh daily, and they offer a good variety of breads including my favorite wheat bread.  If you’re really looking to go healthy, get the veggie delight on wheat and you can give Jared a run for the money.  I’ve never been overly partial to veggie delights regardless of the venue but I’ve gone with others who do enjoy a veggie sandwich and Subway stacks up well against the competition.


I enjoy Subway’s tuna.  I’m sure they pack a little more mayo into the tuna than a registered dietitian would like, but you’ve just got to splurge once in a while.  If a tuna on wheat is too decadent then go for the veggie delight when you’re ordering.


I don’t know where it comes from but there is an aroma in most of the stores I’ve been in which I find a little objectionable.  Other patrons have noticed this peculiar aromatic joy, but we usually don’t eat in so I just hold my breath.  Plus if we do eat in, the nose tunes the malodor out in short order.  Eating in is a bit too much of a fast food experience for me, but if you don’t mind Formica tables and benches, it works well enough to dine in.  Many of the Subways do have nice dining al fresco, plus free wifi.


If I have a beef with Subway it’s this, I think deli when I consider a subway sandwich.  When I do a good deli, I expect to find a good side of potato salad, or macaroni salad.  You’ll have none of this from Subway.  So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  You can eat fast foods from a health conscious business morning, noon, and night here inSan Diego… and it’s called Subway.

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