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Izzy’s of Bostonia

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Bostonia, CAis a CDP, which is to say a census-designated place in San DiegoCounty, according to Wikipedia,_California, and they host 15,379 folks living within.  One can safely assume the first resident of Bostonia was fromBostonMA.

Given Americans love acronyms, and FBisms, I’d love to throw out a few “new, English restaurant review terms” and symbols for your enjoyment:

  • $ = how much does it cost here? (I know this one’s nothing new, but it’s new from me)
    • I’ll give it a range of 1-5
      • 1 is very cheap and 5 means most of us shouldn’t go here
      • SR = server rating
        • 1 plate – 5 plates
          • 1 plate suggests server isn’t very competent while 5 means, gets the job done
          • TBR~ = taste bud reactions
            • 1 wow – 10 wows
              • 1 means probably shouldn’t go here and 10 wows equals a grand yummy!
              • RA = restaurant atmosphere
                • 1 – 5
                  • 1 means no neighborhood charm, 5 says you can go here for your anniversary and be a winner

Bostonia is host to Izzy’s Café which is located at 1252 Broadway El Cajon, CA.  They started doing business as a breakfast, lunch operation and still do a bang up job on that but since Izzy’s hubby started doing great BBQ, they’ve taken to serving dinners on Thurs, Fris and Sats.  I spoke to Robert at the table next to me who raves about the culinary brilliance of the brisket with a chocolate cake ending.

Nancy and I went, with me looking for great waffles, whileNancysearched for a good burger (we did the BR = brunch hour).  I found my waffle great andNancyenjoyed her burger very much.

For locals looking to host a large party, Izzy’s has expanded and now has added space for large groups.  You can do private parties or if you Rotary members need new digs, give Izzy’s a look.

As for our new TERMS & ACRONYMS:

Izzy’s is as follows

  • $
  • SR = 5 plates
  • TBR = 8 wows
  • RA = 3+ (see slides)

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