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Sub shops do battle

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I’m the kind of guy who prefers life in the slow lane.  I’d rather give my dollars to Mom or Pop who live in my neighborhood and struggle daily to earn their living providing services to my neighbors.

There they are, number one, two, and three respectively.  Click on any of the top three subway shops in the land, and after lots of reading and thinking you’d realize Subway is having a few business snags, Quiznos is experiencing a little friction with their business partners, and Submarina could be construed as a hometown operation.  Submarina wants to become the best and with the products I’ve tasted, they may well make it.  More over, it turns out Submarina started here inSan Diego(Poway to be exact) with headquarters inSan Marcos,CA., so they are kind of my Mom and Pop sub shop.

Recently I reviewed Subway (Eating out can be healthy and tasty too) and I must report both Subway and Submarina would be classified in the same pigeon-hole, but I do like Submarina better.  My first trip to Subway, decades ago, met with awe at the value given to the customer.  Meat overflowed their fresh baked bread sandwiches, and veggies were fresh and it was all done for very little of my hard earned dollars.  Now, with the passage of time and the economy stuck in drive, with wheels spinning in the sand, going nowhere, the meats have shrunk at Subway, while they still overflow the bread at Submarina.

I love the ATC on a fresh baked wheat roll. Nancyprefers the fresh baked squaw bread, but she too goes for the avocado, turkey, and cheese with all the fixin’s.  I get the 9” sandwich and save half for my meal the next day, so it’s a good deal.  The bread at Submarina is wider than at Subway so that 4.5” amounts to a nice size for a meal.

My Submarina is in Alpine but I’ve shopped at several others and the service has been great no matter the location.  The prices aren’t bad, plus at Submarina you can get nice side dishes, and I’m talking the usual picnic sides (potato, and macaroni salads), which both taste great.  I’d have to give Subarina my node for best business to win my buck when it comes to subs and I’d recommend it to anyone.  Look out Quiznos, here I come.

Good and healthy

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