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If President Obama were voting for which sub shop is best, he’d probably vote for Cosi sandwiches, or Tastee Subs.  If pushed to eat out west, the three big shops serving up subs here are Subway, Quiznos, and Submarina.  Being a betting man, I’d guess Mr. President would say he’s going with Subway’s Veggie Delite because they have the sub with the least calories, however his vacation choice was a sub stacked high with multiple meats… so I say ‘whatever it takes to get elected, right?’


I’ve reviewed Subway Eating out can be healthy and tasty too and Submarina

Sub shops duke it out for customer satisfaction…… Now it’s time for Quiznos.  I ordered my turkey sub at the store located at 124 W. Main inEl Cajon.  I had the Ultimate Turkey Club.  Trust me, when you look at the photo they posted online

( you’re going to say, sure that looks very good.  My classic sub didn’t turn out quite like the one pictured.  It was a lot smaller than the photo.  In fact it may be the smallest of the three top sub shops… but it tasted good.  The staff was quiet and professional.  Prices run about the same in all three shops but portions vary with Submarina offering the largest, followed by Subway and Quiznos putting out a sandwich about the same size as Subway.


Which one tastes the best?  Well I say it’s a personal preference.  You know, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?’  The tastes do vary from shop to shop, but I do like Submarina best.  As to which shop is second best?  I’d say probably Subway for the tuna sub.  Theirs is the best for tuna.  Quiznos is okay for a fast food chain looking to service a need amongst the American Public.  My guess is though, if Obama were looking for a best tasting sub here in San Diego, he’d probably go to D.Z. Akins.  Talk about huge meat sandwiches D.Z. Akins… a great deli and bakery awaits your… .  

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