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Mike’s B.B.Q. from Escondido, CA

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Nancy and I ventured into the north county for a meet with Ray at Mike’s BBQ in Escondido.  Mike’s B.B.Q. is located at 1356 W. Valley Parkway, in Escondido.  Their website:  shows most of what’s important.


The location offers huge accommodations for owner Steve Olson’s big ambition.  Olson see’s his new venture as a place for worship of all things sports with great BBQ to feed the masses of working class Americans living in and aroundEscondido, who will stop in for the best tasting food east ofSan Marcosand for those looking to host large group meetings.


I found the self service approach nice for groups with lots of kids, and that’s okay… but it takes on a cavernous affect with lots of noise making for an intimate get-together with your best friend tough.  They are not a buffet, but you order in front and they beep you to pick up the fresh prepped meal when it’s ready.


The menu is fairly extensive as BBQ goes with offerings of appetizers; salads; bbq ribs of the beef or pork kind and chicken; grilled steaks, burgers, and pork for decent pulled pork sandwiches; plus the have a good dessert menu too.  You can order combo meals, which I did, or meals pure of choice,Nancyhad pulled pork, and Ray had the baby back plate…


I found my combo offered a good change to sample the fare for review purposes.  It’s probably good that I did because I found the chicken was very dry, the baby backs also seemed tired but man oh man the beef ribs were better than good! Nancyand Ray figure to take a pass next time on their meal.


We finished off the bulk of the meal and I did enjoy the Sienna Jane’s Coconut Cheesecake which could become addicting.


The staff was all friendly but their system may not quite be friction free.  Our meals came up as expected but the dessert had to be retrieved long after we finished the meal and if I’d not gone to the right spot I’m not sure I would have been given it.  No beep, beep for our cheesecake, but it was given to me and we ate from it and I found it very good whileNancythought it was okay and I belief Ray took a pass completely.

Great beef ribs


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