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The fun starts here

There you go sports/drink enthusiasts…  check it out, because this is a very happening place.  One reason I like it is my white hairs weren’t the only one’s there.

This place does the business… open roughly 10:00 a.m. till midnight except Friday and Saturday nights when they keep the welcome matt out till 1:00 a.m. when you’d better call a cab for the righteous ride home.

This is definitely a nice sports bar where Monday Night Football will rock your world.  It’s a friendly, casual place where you can take a large group and feel very comfortable.  Don’t think you can go here and get your dance shoes hot.  The prices are okay and the food is very good for a dive bar.  If there’s fault here it’s that there’s no parking lot dedicated to the High Dive Patrons.  Street parking can be tough, so go early and stay long and prosper.

There’s a nice patio for that sea salt fresh air only found by the water.  The service is very nice.  They’ll take care of you if you want close attention and they’ll leave you alone if that’s what you’re looking for.  I ate the hamburger which lived up to the reputation of a great burger, but one patron seemed out of luck because, Adam is a vegetarian and he thinks ‘the High Dive is unvegetarian in nature’, that’s not vegetarian for you purists.

So, though it’s not Monday night yet, I’ll be here when football starts to call, ‘Are You Ready For Some Football?’

Check me at the High Dive during the season.  It’s found at 1801 Morena Blvd. inSan Diego.  For the most part this is my pic for number one so far.

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