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Did Denny’s (family restaurants) deal a deadly hand?

13584 CAMINO CANADA, LAKESIDE, CA 92040.  Yes sir that’s the place which used to be a good place for cheap, good food.  If you know where I’m taking you based on the address alone, then you probably aren’t going to like what I’m going to say.


Yesterday, Nancy and I went hunting for a good burger.  We used to enjoy the mushroom Swiss from Denny’s.  I’d go as far as to say, we used to feel they were as good as anybody’s. Something has gone wrong for Denny’s.  You can check out their site: but even it seems sluggish to me.  I see they’ve hired big name celebrities to promote them.  Maybe they should spend some of that money on quality control.


Did you know Denny’s began its culinary life as Danny’s Donuts?  Yep back in 1953 a couple of guys began frying dough and were very successful.  In ’59 they changed the name to Denny’s so as to not confuse patrons who might mistakenly go into a Doughnut Dan’s looking for the $2.00 menu made famous by our beloved Denny’s.  By 1987 they’d sold out and retired but the corporate big boys continued growing Denny’s into the megalith it is today.  Due to my quest for the perfect waffle, pizza, donut, or pie,Nancyand I just haven’t been getting into Denny’s as often as we used to. Something’s gone wrong for Denny’s.


You know Carl’s used to advertise their $6.00 burger was everything the chain restaurant burgers were only chains sold them for $9.00.  The trouble with Carl’s is if you go just after the lunch or dinner rush, you’ll probably receive French fry left-over’s which are like cardboard due to the fact they are cold.  At Denny’s on 9/4/2011 we attempted to become one with chain burger delight.  It was a Carl’s moment.  My seasoned fries, costing $.59 more than the regulars were reminiscent of Carl’s after the rush, cold and uneatable.    Carl’s still sells theirs for $6.00 but Denny’s is up to $10.00 with cold seasoned fries and no drink for your combo meal.  Our burgers were dry, overcooked slabs of shoe leather.  I was so annoyed that I failed to buy the pie which I planned to review for  Maybe in a few years I’ll get to a pie review from Denny’s.



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