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Randy Jones sports bar

7510 Hazard Center Dr,San Diego, CA is a good location to watch the kick off to Monday Night football.  You may even see our own sports legend Randy Jones there because he owns this place called Randy Jones All American Sports Grill.


Check out the action (  I will say, the best seats in the house may be a bit limited, but I saw lots of kids there and so to totally focus on the game with all the kid chatter made the best seat in the house moot.  Also the servers could use a little coaching from our main man Randy.  Come on Randy.  I remember you, number 35, standing 6’ tall, and at 178 you weren’t to be outdone no batter in opposition.  Don Zimmer was there to offer guidance to team members so that the team would be able to win.  Well now you’re the manager of this All American Sports Grill and overall I think the servers could use a little pep talk.


The food here is pretty good overall.  I only got to first base.  The tri-tip chili was very good.  Even the iced tea was particularly good. Nancywent with tri-tip BBQ sandwich which was good as were the baked beans, but the fries were on the cold side.  I watched as a couple of racks of ribs went by and thought about my next trip to this place for those ribs.


The menu at rjgrill is pretty extensive, so this is no ordinary sports bar.  The quality of food could be hit or miss in that my food was very tasty and some ofNancy’s was too but the table next to us was a bit unhappy with theirs.  Mel thought his burger was just average so I suppose it’s a universal fact that if you go to a restaurant, it can be luck of the draw as to your enjoyment of food and service.  Try giving your server a few compliments and ask that the chef put on his or her best for your quest for good food and with that smile as golden as it can be you may actually enjoy your dining, sports bar experience.


I plan to go back to Randy Jones All American Sports Grill and I even hope I’ll get a chance to meet our own San Diego Icon on my next trip toHazardCenter.

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