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Woodstocks Pizza

Woodstocks Pizza

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    September 9, 2011 – Like this? 

     Where oh where do you think we should go for football this Sunday?  I suppose anywhere with kickass grub and both of my teams on the tube… I’m talkin’ Chargers and Vikings.  Why the Vikings?  Because I’m a native San Diegan and Nancy’s from MN.


    Give me a great atmosphere with good eats and great service, on the cheap.  The name of this magical spot for Monday night football is… Woodstocks Pizza.  Here’s their statement of fact:  ‘Woodstock’s doesn’t look or feel like a chain because it isn’t.  It’s a family of restaurants run by a team of co-owners. The décor is warm, comfortable and genuine. You won’t find any pre-fabricated funkiness, real ingredients and you definitely won’t find anything slick or trendy.

    ‘Most importantly, Woodstock’s has an unparalleled reputation for excellent pizza. Our loyal customers will tell you it’s the best pizza they’ve ever had. Since the beginning, Woodstock’s has built its success on providing the best pizza in a fun atmosphere.’

    The rundown is simple, they offer: Pizzas; Appetizers; Salads; Desserts; Drinks and Gift Cards for your pleasure.  The appetizers come in Woody’s Wings, or Wildebread which is a bakery fresh dough seasoned with garlic and herbs.  There are six offerings of salad and all are above average in taste plus you can build your own.  Twelve different combos of pizza await your order.  I prefer the one called Monty’s Revenge with Italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and extra cheese.  All the pizzas come with the San Diego crust (in-between NY and Grandmas) that I’ve spoken of before, and the sauce is the right amount so as to not overpower the pie.


    Here’s the deal, if you want school atmosphere and Aztec sports on the tube, go to  6145 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA.  They also have another San Diego outlet at 1221 Garnet Ave, PB.  Both places meet my criteria for a great sports bar where you can bring a big crowd and enjoy the game along with good food, good service, and a great atmosphere.


    Check their website for great bargains!   They have good happy hour deals   (  and the food is good enough that you won’t really need the great deals.  Bon appetit.

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