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Hooleys Irish Pub does Irish in Rancho San Diego

Hooleys Irish Pub is located at2955 Jamacha Rd inEl Cajon, of the Rancho San Diego type (of E.C.).  I’m not one to rain on any parade but as sports bars go, Hooleys doesn’t feel like it ought to be ready for some football, but it is.  Does he ever sing are you ready for some old world football, because soccer does seem like its home here?


Hooleys Irish Pub does have all the tools to be classified as a sports bar.   You’ve just got to think of this as an elegant sports bar.  It is nice décor inside.  Check out their web site as they offer a look around and you control where to look.  Check out the menu, it’s not a typical dive bar sort of fare ( ).


The bottom line though is if you’ve got a decent wallet you can take on the full range of offerings from Guinness to both Irish and Scottish Whiskey.  Try a JOHNNY WALKER BLUE LABEL 21 year old Scottish Whiskey favored by Sir Winston Churchill and pretty expensive, but a nice way to watch the game.


Truth is if you’re out for dinner or lunch any given Sunday and you don’t want to miss the game, then Hooleys will take care of you.  I’m partial to a good Ruben and they’ve got it there.  The onion soup with a blue cheese wedge is nice.  Go to the web site and check out the menu because it’s large.  The food I’ve eaten there is very good.


Sports is ESPN Gameplan; Direct TV; and NFL Sunday Ticket so you will be covered and they’re good for football, soccer, and baseball.  

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