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Pepsico’s Pizza Hut… just another chain?

What more need be said than Pizza Hut.  If you like pizza and live inSouthern CA, you’ve probably been to Pizza Hut.  Today it’s a typical chain operation with Pepsico written all over it.  In 1958 Dan and Frank Carney started the business on a shoe string inWichita,Kansas.  This new venture proved extremely successful on a financial basis, which means the food must have been good.  The brothers began franchising the operation almost immediately and they went public by 1972 with Pepsico buying them out in 1978.  Pepsico then owned KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, and A&W Restaurants.  Pepsico has continued growing this organization with Pasta Bravo and are still growing it, but they all have that similar chain quality to them all.


While Pizza Hut has created a few twists on itself, with some locals looking like Domino’s, they only do take out, and others marketing a more ‘upscale’ menu. The Hut I am reviewing here is the one inEl Cajon, located at 306 Broadway.  We had a family get together and this dine-in location fit the bill just right.


They have a nice salad bar, with the components looking fresh and a good variety of goodies to be added to the iceberg lettuce.  They offer a family meal with 5 all you can eat salads plus two large pizzas at a price hard to figure how they can make much profit.  There is something about the Pizza Hut crust which I have never found a description for and which defies comparisons just as Taco Bell is hard to describe as truly Mexican cuisine yet it’s very tasty.  So I would say this family gathering was successful in large part due to the Pizza Hut food and location.  The employees are friendly and service oriented but they could throw a bit more elbow grease into the cleaning of the tables because they’re a bit sticky.  We had 7 adults and three kids and all ate to total satisfaction for under $30.00.


Overall I do enjoy Pizza Hut’s hand tossed, deep dish pizza a lot.  It’s absolutely better than frozen DiGiorno’s, take home to bake and at this location, I felt like I’d dined out, though maybe not in a first class venue.  So I can recommend this Hut as a good place to meet with a large group.  It’s a great value for your hard earned dollars.

Yes they still host you in some of these




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