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El Cajon goes to Hawaii

Go to the food court inEl Cajon’sParkwayPlaza.  You can find food fare fromHawaiitoItaly.  This place is truly a cornucopia of tastes to choose from.  My focus became Hula Hawaii BBQ only because like all good fair mongers, Hula was hawking their wares with the now common approach of handing out bites on a pick.


They handedNancyand I a bite of teriyaki chicken and it tasted so good we both wanted and got a ‘mini meal’ with a garden salad, macaroni salad and chicken for under $5.00.  I found myself thinking that if I worked for them I could learn how to make this delightful chicken dish and then I could have it anytime I want it.  The first bite of the macaroni salad turned me into a Doubting Thomas as I found a very peculiar taste slapping my taste buds around.  Close inspection revealed the source of this oddity.  Boldly there where I’d never gone before, mixed well within the confines of macaroni and mayonnaise was a bit, not a bite, but a bit of tuna.  I didn’t like it.


After I found my Zen thing, and did my om thing, I opened up my limits of acceptability for my palate thing, and decided to enjoy this new to me taste thing.  By the end of that salad I did enjoy it.  But the chicken was the clincher.  It was good.  It was real good. Nancyagrees that it was good enough to go back for.  In fact she told me that after her dentist appointment she thought she might go to Hula Hawaii BBQ in the Parkway Mall’s food court and have another mini meal.


There’s not much on the web for this business.  I found nothing on the genesis, nor the business philosophy, but I can conclude they are doing something right because there are a lot of them throughout many of ourUnited States.  For now all I will say is when in the mall the ono is Hula Hawaii BBQ and I give a big shaka to the friendly gal behind the counter handing out toothpicks of chicken.  Ono means delicious and shaka is the hand gesture meaning thanks in Hawaiian culture.

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