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The Bull Pen Bar & Grill Clairmont Mesa

Head down (or up) 163 to Clairemont Mesa Blvdand go west young man go west.  Just a couple of blocks from the freeway you’ll be at 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd and there, on the south side, you’ll find The Bull Pen Bar & Grill (   It’s a very unassuming store front with a big green neon street sign in front signaling their presence.



‘For your viewing pleasure, the Bullpen Bar and Grill has over 45+ flat screen televisions and an HD projection screen. We carry the most requested sports packages from DirecTv and Time Warner Cable.


‘We have a Smoking Patio, Bar Area, Dining and Games room. For large groups, the Games room will be converted into a party room to fit your needs.

Come in and enjoy yourself.’



Inside you’ll find a decent interior.  It would almost appear to be a cut above your typical sports bar.  I find myself wondering if this place is connected; the feeling is like that place down inMissionValleyback in the day… the one that was a mob hangout.  I see no mobsters hanging out and in fact even though it’s not a big sports day I hoped for a bigger crowd at noon on a weekday because it would signal good food.  The room is not even half full.  ‘At least we’ll have good service with such a small crowd,’ one would think, right?


After a huge gap in seating time till iced tea time, I took in the menu with all the dead time.  It’s a big menu for sure.  Again, I’m just not used to the higher prices of our modern era.  ‘On my wallet, I’ll have trouble paying for the appetizers.’  I ordered a mushroom bacon burger (because it was one of the cheapest priced items and I do like a good burger). Nancyhad a little trouble finding anything she would like that was under $10.00 but settled for fish tacos (2 @ $9.25).  She forgot to request a flour tortilla and wasn’t impressed with the fish, or the other items that came with it.


I can say that if you live in the neighborhood and have plenty of time, unless you’re friends with the servers that is, you may enjoy this place.  I probably won’t be heading back anytime soon.



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