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Susan Lucci come on down… there’s room here in Pine Valley for you

Go to Major’s Diner at 28870 Old Highway 80,Pine Valley, CA if you want a pleasant outing in the country.  As the crow flies, Major’s is a long way from most homes inSan Diego.  However, when coming fromSan Diego you will go as the crow flies.  Interstate 8 is pretty much a straight shot to Major’s.  It’s all freeway but the grade will wreak havoc with your MPGs.


Talk about fall colors. PineValleywill typically produce a fall display to rival anywhere for at least a week.  If there’s an early cold snap followed by a long moderate period with no winds to blow the leaves off and away, the pretty colors will last up to 6 weeks.  The County Park is right off the I-8 and contains yellows, reds, and purples to compliment the ever greens.  With Major’s just three buildings to the east, you can take in a breakfast or lunch with time to spare for the park.  Hit it on Thursday – Sunday and you can get a very nice dinner.


Click on this ( and you’ll see they’re open seven days per week but Monday – Wednesday they close at 2:00 p.m. and the rest of the week they close at 8:00 p.m.  They open at 6:00 a.m. daily.  The current group of cooks does a good job getting you food that is consistently good to excellent.  The soups are home made and the breads are baked locally and fresh from a local wholesale bakery that I love.


Listening to patrons talk can be great fun.  I’ve heard everything from this place is way too expensive to the service is lousy to its too confusing here because there’s a coffee shop and Majors.  Just so you know, prices are on the rise for everyone, including restaurateurs.  If they charge what they did last year they won’t be here next year.  The servers are very dedicated at Majors and occasionally they do get swamped.  When they expect to do 7 – 10 plates per hour and unexpectedly need to ramp it up to 20 per hour that server will be understandingly challenged to get it all done to anyone’s satisfaction.


Bottom line here is prices are fair; Service is usually great, and the food is typically good. I’d give this 3 ½ stars,

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