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Center Cut Steakhouse in Chula Vista is good

Center Cut Steakhouse, located at 534 Broadway, inChula Vista is well worth the trip if you want good food and a seat at the next Chargers game.  The place is nested in a dull strip mall behind a bank so it’s not much to look at from the outside.  I was goaded into a trip to the South bay by one who reads my reviews regularly.  She recommended Center Cut with such passion that I had to go and check it out.  Trust me, as a kid growing up in National City, I enjoy the South bay as much as anyone so I put on my nostalgia coat and tie and boogied down to 534 Broadway in Chula Vista for some Carne Asada with rice & beans and it was good.


The menu is large with plenty of Mexican food to choose from, plus nice salads for one moving in those circles and good looking pastas.  Obviously they do steak there thus the name.  The food was good and not high priced.  I kind of hope they’re priced high enough to still be in business next year.


I was enticed to visit the Center Cut as one who reviews sports bars, but it just doesn’t feel like a sports bar to me.  They do have a good bar with a few TVs hung and tuned to Charger fever, but the place gives me the sense that they can’t wait to dance.  Salsa is big and if you like to dance this may be your spot.


The bottom line is, I’ll go back for the food.  I might go one night when I want to put my Latin dance shoes on but when I want a good crowd to cheer on the Chargers, I’d prefer a different venue (Tiny’s Tavern an O.B. trophy). 

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