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IHOP El Cajon, that’s my stop for pancakes

Is that waffles or wafles?  Will that be Belgian wafles orLiegewafles?  So I’m asking for a recipe for waffles and it gives me Bobby Flay’s Liege Waffles.  I kid you not; it calls for 5 lbs of flour, 10 eggs and amongst other things 1.5 lbs of honey, and 1.5 lbs pearl sugar.  The bottom line here is Liege Waffles are sweet without syrup, and every diabetic’s nightmare.


Any good linguist could tell youLiegewas once under French influence while Belgians were mainly of Germanic stock.  Further you should know that the batter for Belgian Waffles (spelled wafles over there) was aBrusselscreation not Belgian.  Well, IHOP has brought us a new menu item, Belgian Waffles.


My IHOP, at 1286 Oakdale Ave in El Cajon, offers this newest menu item, so we did them.  Along with the never empty carafe of hot coffee, we were given ice water without asking for it, and I thought that was a nice touch.


My Belgian Waffles were better than good.  The beverages were great andNancy’s Pancake Combo was equally up for the ‘best food around challenge’.  Service was very good.  I suppose the only thing missing was Cliff Bemis.  You remember him don’t you?  He’s the guy ordering up the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity… he lasted about 10 years and I suppose I miss him a little.  That’s a long time for an Iconic spokesman.  Are you listening Flo?  Just where is Mr. Bemis now?  Maybe he’s talking to Progressive Insurance?  Could Flo be considering a run of ordering some Rooty Tootys on TV anytime soon?  She would make for a nice IHOP hostess too don’t you think?


The only thing which would make this a better trip would be if we could order and receive this fine breakfast for about $15.00 but that’s the price I paid back in 2000.  Today it’s competitive at about $21.00.  The service is solid and good with typically friendly servers.


So to make this a nice day trip I say finish breakfast and then do a nice hike upCowelsMt.   From the bottom to the top is about a 2 hour endeavor and if you reach the top and get back to your car without a heart attack it would be a reasonably priced day at $21.00 plus gas.


Look here for info on the hike referenced above.

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