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Ahi Sushi & Grill in Alpine, CA

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So what’s a Bakery Examiner doing in a Chinese restaurant?  They certainly wouldn’t be looking for a writing opportunity to be published by would they?  Sure they would.


I may take liberties with words and even upon occasion warp conventional thinking beyond standard recognition but did you know that Chinese Cuisine has roots from four major (regional) styles of cuisine? Sichuan,Shandong,JiangsuandGuangdongcuisine are the strongest influences of Chinese fare.


So as to keep this piece short for our reader’s pleasure, let it be known thatSichuancuisine tends to employ baking methodology for food prep.  Obviously there is more to the total experience than the type of heat, or lack thereof, used to prepare the meal, but Chinese cuisine has roots within the bakery.


Ahi Sushi & Grill features Japanese & Chinese Cuisine.  Nancy and I recently ate at the Alpine Creek Town Center location,1347 Tavern Rd in ALPINE, and we were both satisfied with our endeavor.


As is our custom, we tend to visit eateries near lunch time so as to enjoy the product of their labors as inexpensively as possible and at AHI we were pleasantly rewarded with great lunch prices and food equally up for the challenge.  Check out their site ( if you’d like to preview what’s available.  You may even note they offer baked mussels for your dining pleasure.


Nancy and I did the lunch specials plus felt compelled to do a sushi plate.  Better than adequately priced we found the lunch combos very tasty… except the sushi, which was tasted more for the benefit of Amanda, my middle child who loves sushi.  I know nearly nothing about the slight differences between sushi styles or even the difference between theCaliforniaroll and Nigiri sushi but I ate some sushi and by the sixth roll I was starting to get the hang of it.  I will pass the sushi experience on to Amanda and I will gladly take her to Ahi Sushi & Grill for sushi next time she’s in town.


Overall Ahi Sushi & Grill has established itself as a place to eat Asian food with reckless abandon when that mood hits us.  It was a nice environment, with friendly and helpful staff.  I enjoyed this trip and plan to return for another shot at Japanese cuisine.






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