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Alpine Tavern & Grill

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Locals may remember when this address 2502 Alpine Blvd hosted The Vine Wine Bar & Bistro.  Due largely to S.D.G. & E. cutting up the road in front of this establishment, The Vine no longer exists.  Today, we welcome The Alpine Tavern & Grill (, located next door to Janet’s Montana Cafe Janet’s Montana Cafe is far more than just a cafe.


Funky, quaint, picturesque, awesome, all these adjectives pop into mind when you first get to the Tavern and look around.  ‘Great food here!’ is what I heard when Nancy and I first walked in.  It’s like a great lodge inMontana, full of warmth and we were made to feel welcome by all who were there.  The staff was great!  It was all good.  Prices are 2012 prices, which suggest they will still be there in a year or two… but the food was great.


I ordered a Ruben, which came totally traditional on rye with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. There’s a choice of many sides and I got the onion rings becauseNancygot the fries so we could get those two typical choices out of the way.  Next time I want potato or macaroni salad on the side. Nancyordered the mushroom Swiss hamburger.  Some how the 1/3 pounder seemed way bigger than that, but there you go.  This will be the place I will go in the future when I get that ‘gotta have a burger now’ thing that pops up on me every 4 – 5 months.  For many reasons, this is a must return to place for me… I just hope the food tastes equally as good next time I go.


The day I ate there I did a little investigative work to the question just posed; will the food be consistently good?  All I can say is maybe.  That day the owner was our cook.  I didn’t know it but Janet sure can cook well.  Just get us, your patrons, a cook equal to you for every day you’re open and I’ll be back time and time again.


What sets this place apart from Janet’s Cafe is it’s a sports bar.  TVs are abundant throughout the entire place.  They’ve got the sports packages for the sports fans and though I wasn’t there on a big sporting day I’ll bet this will be overflowing with regulars in no time.  

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