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If you head into Lake Murray Cafe, at 5465 Lake Murray Blvdin La Mesayou may feel like you’ve been there before.  Perhaps you’ve been to one of the other locations from the group of businesses known as San Diego Home Cooking as they are all part of the same ownership ( ) and they all have a similar flavor.  I did the Lakeside location and now La Mesa makes two of their five locations (  I’ll need to think about visiting the other three spots because while the food was okay and the servers were all friendly enough I just don’t know if I have time enough.  It took forever to get the order once it was placed.  It took too long to get a refill once they asked if I wanted more tea.  It took too long for all patrons I watched come and go so we weren’t the only ones with some trouble with the servers clocks.  And it even took forever to pay the bill.


The food was okay.  It was nothing to brag about.  Nancyhad the burger, Ray had a tuna salad sandwich on rye, and I had the French toast combo.  I am comparing the Lake Murray Cafe’s French toast to Janet’s Montana Cafe Janet’s Montana Cafe is far more than just a cafe.  Theirs (Janet’s) has become the standard by which I’ll continue to judge how good French toast or Belgian waffles can be when done right. Nancy’s burger was dried out by the cook who kept it on the fire too long.  Ray tells me his sandwich was okay.


The atmosphere at the Lake Murray Cafe is nice enough.  It is a large facility with well maintained appointments.  It’s clean and bright.  Overall I’d have to give this experience 2 out of 5 stars.  I’d guess that next time we plan a hike with a meal after, I’ll try to steer the group to another location.   I think there’s a Coco’s right down the street Does anyone do family style better than Coco’s.


The spot I’d head to in order to make a nice day trip out of this outing is Lake Murray  We did the 3.5 mile hike but there is much more you can do when you are there.

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