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The Field sports pubs at their best in San Diego

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The Field at544 5th Ave,San Diego, is the kind of place to go to for a bawdy good sports night.  It’s in the heart ofSan Diego within a short walk from Petco.  If you don’t have tickets check it out, but really this place rocks after Padre games with post game merriment from true sports buffs who didn’t want the night to end.


The Field sounds like aChicagosort of place, but really it’s more likeDublin.  They say the wood used to make the benches was actually imported fromIreland.  You’ll feel a true foreign flavor where they all speak warmly with the English language spoken and you strain to hear that wee bit of a brogue.


I enjoy dining alfresco and their patio fits that suit well.  Tis a tiny bit of a spot just off the sidewalk, partitioned by a black wrought iron fence for separation from the pedestrians who are on their own mission.  This is a fairly intimate pub, not that big, so love the one you’re with.

The food is good, with old world themes, excellent fish and chips, Irish stew and such. Check out the web site which is packed full and says (, ‘On Saturday and Sunday we open our doors bright and early to bring youSan Diego’s best Irish Breakfast. The ultimate start to the day, our traditional breakfast consists of Irish style pork sausage, imported Irish Galtee rashers (bacon), black and white pudding, eggs, grilled tomato, fried potato, and your choice of toast or homemade Irish soda bread or wheaten bread. Wash it all down with a cup of Barry’s Irish Tea. If you don’t think you can handle the full Irish Breakfast try one of our fluffy omelettes or our delicious Breakfast Boxty dishes.’  The prices are from the past decade.  They have much offered well below $10.00 and very tasty.


If you go to their web site, check out the sports offerings.  They like rugby.  But they offer plenty of American sports for us locals.  I really like this place.  Servers are good, though I did talk to one patron who swears they had lousy service last time they were there.  Maybe that could be due to the fact that when you sit downwind of her, you wonder if that peculiar stench was a canning factory.  Is this Cannery Row or what?

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