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Joe’s Crab Shack in San Diego on the waterfront

Next to the San DiegoConvention Center, sitting above the harbor is the old San Diego Rowing Club’s building built on pylons, now it’s been converted to a very nice restaurant ( known as Joe’s Crab Shack.


This is one of Joe’s Crab Shack Restaurants inSan Diego, but it’s the main one for me.  We’ve had many great parties there.  It’s not pretentious and it’s a very comfortable spot for being close to family and friends.  The food is nearly always as good as it gets.


‘Joe’s is the kind of place that welcomes you in warmly and feeds you delicious seafood. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s here that good food, good times and good memories are created every day. We’re a little quirky, but we’re proud of it. So strap on a bib, order your favorite bucket of crab and don’t be afraid to dance.’  This straight from their web site and I can tell you I’ve been inside this scenario many times.


The bar is a nice place where you can eat and watch TV if you aren’t at Petco to watch in person.  The dining room is beyond the bar with large tables for large groups to gather and break bread (or crab shells).  And the patio provides a spot for enjoying the outside air but they should replace their picnic tables with new tables because the wooden benches and tables are kind of sticky.  This is a place where you’re hands are going to be sticky from working with the crabs.


Typically the servers are the best.  They will serenade your party if you’re there for a birthday celebration with great vibrato and purpose.  They often do a dance or two as they serve…  It’s a fun kind of place for all to enjoy.


The menu is packed with plenty from the sea.  If you don’t like sea food you’ll be a bit limited here.  They do have salads plus a couple of steaks or a couple of chicken dishes.  I’ve never even seen those because I do the steampots when I go. They also do a few pasta dishes which appear to come fromItaly.


You can do pure buckets full of crab or lobster or you can do steampots which contain crab, potatoes, smoked sausage, shrimps and corn. Or you could get a pot featuring lobster and muscles.  It’s not cheap but it’s very good.




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