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Anthony’s Fish Grotto La Mesa

At9530 Murry Dr.inLa Mesa, you’ll find the Icon to which I want to pay homage.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto ( really makes it happen for me.  My family started attending this church’s services back about 1965 when Mama Ghio used the knowledge she’d acquired back inItaly, to preach the gospel of good eats from the sea.  They are using the same recipes today.


I’ll take any dish they prepare and most likely will be happy after eating.  I do usually get hand battered classics with a fully loaded baked potato and coleslaw.  My preference is to attend the services at1360 Harbor Dr. in San Diego, but with money becoming more and more scarce (or at least able to purchase less and less with each dollar) I tend to go to the La Mesa location simply because it’s closer to home.


Back in the day, Anthony’s was known for the best tasting fish and considered one of the least expensive restaurants in all of southern California.  Today the third generation of Ghios is running the place with only a few changes in the product that progenitor Mama Ghio launched back in 1946.


This place is a San Diego Institution embodying the flavor of aSan Diegogoing back to the early 1900s.  That was a simpler time when the water front was just beginning to thrive and the Chinese fishermen had been displaced by the Italian and Portuguese.  Catherine Ghio dreamt of owning a restaurant featuring the same seafood that everybody loved back in the old country.


I’ll go to Anthony’s in a NY minute, but I must check my wallet now because the good food is a bit pricier than it once was.  I’ve tried to find a replacement but the places putting out food as good typically costs lots more than Anthony’s.


They’ve remodeled the building inLa Mesaand its done well with a nice view of a spring fed pond full of ducks and I think fish and the fountain keeps your tension away as you sip your tea or Margareta.  The staff is efficient and friendly, quickly taking your order and making sure you are happy.


Typically Nancy and I get the classic hand battered shrimp but once in a while I’ll do the Louie Crab and Shrimp salad.  No matter which dish you select you’ll be happy if you like seafood.

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