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Knotty Barrel in the East Village

The Knotty Barrel at 844 Market St in San Diego, is one of the latest incarnates of the gastropubs popping up everywhere.  Pubgrub no more, or so they would have you believe, is a thing of the past.  There was a time when the pubs of jolly oldLondon didn’t serve food and so shell fish push carts would set up outside the pubs to provide the sustenance you need to get you home.



The Knotty Barrel lists their ( ) executive chef as Mark Couch and consulting chef as Ted Witte and try as I might, I couldn’t find either of them on the web.  I guess I may have a bad taste from their web site.  By definition a gastropub is the blending of pub style brews with really good food.  The Knotty Barrel has a descent array of brews but the food seems lacking.  Of course there’s always the chance it was an off night.


The food menu is a bit like the list of brews available… it’s not the longest list but they offer a good variety of food.  Some of it is priced with wallet pleasure in mind while others suffer wallet envy.  I just don’t want to pay $13.00 for a salmon sarnie (fish sandwich) for us uninformed.  But the Knotty Burger @ $11.00 seems about the way of the Knotty Barrel.  Trouble is it was ordered medium but came out extremely well done (badly).  Also as a gastropub, I wanted to taste some complex flavors in the burgers but got none.  It seemed as though there was no seasoning at all on the meat.


I love the pub style atmosphere for a good day of cheering on the home team but this place didn’t get it done for me.  Maybe they’ll practice up during the upcoming NBA off- season and then they could a been a contender.


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