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Thanksgiving in San Diego

Americahas but one finest city.  By default I declare that city to beSan Diego.  Well perhaps, in order to give that statement full credibility, we’ll need to expand the city to theCounty ofSan Diego because that’s where it is all contained.  The city does okay for itself with decent places go to eat, listen to music, or spend your cash within plenty of malls, and many of those things to do are FREE!


The odds are good come Thanksgiving; the weather will be near perfect for a nice hike or bike ride and even a good Thanksgiving day picnic.  Here’s a place to look for a favorite hike  I know there is a nice easy 3 mile hike with breathtaking views of this fine city on the tip of Point Loma.


Another good spot for cheap entertainment is BalboaPark certainly is a good focal point for things beautiful inSan Diego.  I say, but your already cooked Thanksgiving meal from Vons or Albertsons and head to the park for your family feast.  When the weather permits there’s no place better thanMissionBeach (all the way south to the parking lots) for a good picnic with plenty of picnic tables and good views of the water and I’m saying you can do the bay or the ocean.


I’m saying there’s nothing better than a holiday meal that tastes good with no one person doing too much work and when you’re finished you just plop the trash in the trash can and head home.  Take in a few miles hiking or biking and you’ll sleep very well that night.


If you’re just dead set on spending money for the holiday, I suggest the following: (  as a good candidate for something to do.  Did you even know there was a Dixieland Jazz Festival inSan Diego?


And for a real nice addition, go to OldTownfor a bite to eat.  The Old Town Liquor & Deli at 2304 San Diego Ave Ste C at the south side of Old Town serves some killer deli sandwiches.  Whatever your passion, I’d bet you could find something to satisfy that passion right inSan Diego for the Thanksgiving weekend for sure.


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