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Spring Valley who’d of thunk they’ be #1? Cali Comfort

From the 94 Heading West

  • ExitBancroft Drive
  • Left on Bancroft Drive (South)
  • Continue ontoTroy Street
  • Cali Comfort located on Right at8910 Troy St.

And thus you’ll arrive at the number one fav sports bar inSan Diegoaccording toSan Diego’s Best Union Tribune 2011 polls.


Talk about your unexpected spots for the best…  Yet here it is.  Check out the web spot for Cali Comfort ( and look to the photos for a glimpse of what’s in store for you when you go here for a meal or a game.


This is a grand spot, provided you’re up for IT;  In the right frame of mind;  You are in the zone.  Don’t go if you’re looking forLa Jollaatmosphere.  If you’re looking for a get down… party with good friends and some good food and then THE GAME… well then you’re in the right place.


They put in long hours for our enjoyment: Sun – Thurs. 7:00 – 11:00 and Fri – Sat 7:00 – 12:00.  I love the history written on the web, you’d think it’s somewhere inGeorgia…


‘By 1972, Dr. Luben Walchef had found his way to another rural area in the gentle rolling hills of eastSan Diego, a place calledSpring Valley. In this lush setting he found a quaint two-bedroom home for his family. There he planted a wonderful vegetable garden and enjoyed the hearty dishes it made possible. Eventually the good doctor decided to share his love of classically prepared, great tasting food with the people of his community.


In the 1980s, Dr. Walchef turned his home into a charming family restaurant, and it soon became one ofSpring Valley’s most popular eateries. In the years since then, various owners have contributed their ideas to the development of the restaurant, enriching its character while remaining faithful to its tradition of providing wholesome family meals.’


If only the good Dr. knew that a few big TVs would lead to a crowd beating the proverbial path to the door he’d have included them back in 1972.


The moral of this story is, go to Cali Comfort if you want good food, good service and fair prices in a friendly atmosphere and don’t be looking for the top of Mt Helix norLa Jollafor George’s top of the something here.  

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