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San Diego locals make food good… Souplantation yes!

Local boy made good Troy Johnson ( with his own Food Network show Crave, just posted on his FB account that of the top 10 chain restaurants  (, locally grown Souplantation is one of the best spots for parents looking to get in and feed kids fast with good food.


The Souplantation I tend to dine at is the one closest to my house. For ambience, they are not all the same, and this one isn’t the prettiest, just the closest and they do serve food tasting about the same regardless of location (


I’m not a huge fan of buffet style dining.  I like them the most when I have kids who don’t like to sit still for a server to take the order and once it’s filled, deliver JRs meals with a smile or not as the case may be.


Souplantation may be one of the better buffets simply because there are no false expectations.  No wondrous pile of crab legs, not piping hot fall off the bone tender baby backs for my dining pleasure, just a good fresh dinner salad or Caesar’s salad, both of which I can’t remember ever being unhappy with.


Back in the day, as a Regional Soccer Commissioner, I attended monthly meetings at this location and dined with Souplantation maybe 18 consecutive months in a row with very consistent high quality food.  I settled in on a large fully loaded salad, chili soup and a muffin or biscuit.  Now I go back maybe once per year.  It just sounds healthy.  ‘Souplantaion!’ What a concept.  They do offer up fresh fruits; soft serve; puddings and jello for your finishing touches.  When I remember I show my AAA membership for a discount.  Overall I think if I’m doing a buffet, it’s got to be Souplantation.

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