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EB means Eastbound Bar & Grill in Lakeside

10053 Main AveinLakesideis where you’ll find real cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo riders, rodeo spectators, and Charger fans.  Come this Halloween you’re likely to find a few ghosts and goblins hoisting a few pale ales at the Eastbound Bar & Grill.


October 29th of this year, they’re hosting a Halloween Party – PIRATE THEME R come one come all.  I doubt I can entice folks from Mission Hills to enter a pirate themed Halloween party inLakeside, but if you want a good time in a friendly spot where you can ask for good food and plenty of beer priced right! Then y’all come on down ‘cause it’s worth the trouble gettin here.


Check out their web site it’ll show you the menu is ample and your wallet need not be huge to enjoy a long night.  They do enjoy the sports at EB.  On Sat & Sun they open at 8:00 so you know they do a good breakfast.  Other days they open at 10:00 and go till midnight.  If I have an issue it’s that they don’t have a private parking lot, but it’sLakeside.  They do have pretty decent street parking, not like they need valets though you could walk a block like I did when I went near noon.


I did the  Mushroom Burger

  • Half pounder with bacon, Swiss, grilled onions, and mushrooms sautéed with white wine. served with fries(9.95)
  • Served with a great infectious smile by a real cutie who was homegrown.

They really do have a very large menu and based on the burger, I’ll be wanting to go back to sample more of the food next time.


The ambience may seem a little bit country but it’s got plenty of skaters hangin out.  My gray hair isn’t the lone ranger at this bar on this day either.  Not to say it’s a geezer’s hangout, I’m still in the minority but I wasn’t alone there.


The bottom line is this is a fun place that tries hard to make you feel welcome.  I’ll want to go back again and hope to soon.


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