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Fight breast cancer with little of no effort on your part

It seems more and more as though everyone knows someone with some a chronic disease that is if you don’t have one yourself.  Take me for example.  I’ve got chronic growing older after mid-life-crisis phenomena.   I also suffer from the lesser known disease called diabetes.  Who amongst us doesn’t know someone with cancer?  Some call it a manufactured state created by Freemasons or the Illuminati.  Is that even possible?  Whatever… I do know many people with cancer.  A good friend died nearly a decade ago of breast cancer.  My own brother passed with his entire body riddled with cancer.


I say we can’t give up looking for successful treatment for disease in this country.  Not even GOAMLC (see above for definition).   Now comes the bottom line.  Money is at the root of nearly every endeavor to change what is, to something better.  We are struggling to just keep the roof over our heads right now, so join in a win-win situation here and now.  Go for the shared efforts of heroes in our world willing to put out services or products and share the money with efforts to overcome disease… (!)


I’m a big fan of Mimi’s as some of you know ( Se Magnifique? ), but the deal is this, Go to Mimi’s for dinner November 2, or 3rd after 4:00 p.m. and they will donate 15% of your check to Breast Cancer Research and this won’t cost you a dime extra, thanks to Mimi’s generosity.


Or you can do another win-win by making a purchase from the breast cancer site directly.  There you can find something you already planned to purchase from a department store near you, so why not go here and buy it from a spot working for the cause. .


Disease research requires energy to overcome.  Let’s reach out and give a little energy to make this a better world.  You can exert your own energy with a walk for the cure, or with a drive to dine with a champion… but let’s get out and do something for those of us destined for a short life due to an infliction that might otherwise live long and prosper.

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