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San Carlos is Golden

I should say go here.  This says it all and there’s only one thing missing:  Everything I’ve eaten at Golden Cheers tastes wonderful.


There’s some truth to the saying good things tend to go together with good things.  I’ve written about how good the Golden Bagel is (Bagels have a new meaning for me, they are Golden ).   I was amazed to find out just today that Golden Cheers is owned by the same person who owns Golden Bagel and they are both oh so good!


Now I’m delivering the same sermon on goodness with a different name. The funny thing is I’ve been eating the food from Golden Cheers Deli for years and I’ve always loved it.  In fact I’ve driven miles out of my way just for Cheers because it is so good.  Golden Bagel I only recently discovered is owned by the same person.  It is no wonder then that they both offer great food.


I believe my task here is to let readers know where to find good food and where not to go due to a lack of good food or service or value.  So I say this is a place to keep in your GO TO file, for good food, good service, and priced right.


The menu is huge.  They open at 8:00 a.m. and fulfill your hunger needs until 11:00 p.m. unless it’s Sunday when they close at 10:00 p.m.  You can buy sandwiches, with over 30 to choose from, salads (they make over 12 named salads), with a choice of 4 side salads, deli meats by the pound, cheeses by the pound, and sides by the pound.  I should also let you know the address is 6893 Navajo Rd,San Diego.


They tell you better than I can, ‘Today, our deli is the most talked about in the neighborhood for its high standards. Our meats and cheeses are freshly cut in front of our customers as they order. Our variety of breads are freshly baked and delivered every day of the week especially for our deli. The generous portions we use to make the sandwiches and salads, along with our unique style and recipes in preparing the food results in a delicious gourmet, New York Style sandwich with the California touch, at an affordable price.’

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