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San Diego neighborhood welcomes folks into The Living Room

As an American from a different era, I frequented the Aspen Mine Co. with good times in that bar which featured TVs showing action skiers.   I spent much of my youth in this part ofSan Diego.  I attended SDSC (old speak for San Diego State College now SDSU) and therefore knew the area well.


I have two families.  One is by birth, and one is my adoptive family.  This stroll down memory lane is all about my adoptive family, the one I adopted 40 years ago.  Read one of my upcoming novels for the full story.  I spent years in this part ofSan Diego just because Wanda, Lolly, and Melinda lived there.


After nearly 30 years away from home sweet home, I returned home to see Mom #2.  Wanda still lives around the corner from the spot where the Aspen Mine Co was.  Lolly was there and mentioned she likes to eat at the Living Room.  Being the totally laid back guy I am, I didn’t interrogate her for the facts on this bistro, but I made a mental note to check it out.


Am I glad I did?  The Living Room Cafe, at 5900 El Cajon Blvd, was the first of six locations serving San Diego(  They keep long hrs. 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. every day of the week.  This is a true Bistro/Cafe with aBerkley flavor.  The feel here is very inviting.  It is a nice low key, mellow atmosphere with all the aspects of home students need.


Points of view can make life funny.  In talking to patrons of this cafe I heard some say they hate it because they are made to feel unwelcome (after collecting the facts, I suspect he may have been treated harshly because he tried to sleep there nightly for a month).  One could only swear by the Point Loma location, and was sure all other spots were run by the soup Nazi right out of Sinfeld.  The vast majority of patrons I spoke to really crow loud for this spot and now that I’ve sampled a breakfast from them, I too will crow loudly for this spot.


They do have a small parking lot, but you can find parking in the neighborhood if needed.  I liked that the menu was large and the prices were small.  I enjoyed the fresh baked breads, the pastries, and fresh fruits. 

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