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OB does an awesome Irish brogue at Gallagher’s

It has been a very long day.  I’ve been looking for a good sports bar for the Examiner and unfortunately when I set out on my quest, I failed to establish my local before taking off from home.  Big mistake.  I saw many places but with no sports venue from the inside of the places trying to sell me pizza, tacos, pasta and martinis.  I did see several targets for a bakery review but after spending nearly four hours in search of the good one for cheering Chargers on Sundays, I finally found a place with great potential.


Gallagher’s is located at 5046 Newport Ave, in OB.  This place is a true pub with an owner right out of Dublin or Darby O Gills. You can see the flavor on the web at I am beginning to develop ‘a thing for pubs’ as sports bars.  There seems a natural affinity for pubs to be the place for cheering on the home team.

Usually I like a pub with food but not at Gallagher’s.  I didn’t get a chance to ask management why no food so we can only speculate, but on the plus side, they don’t object to you eating food inside from another business.  Newport Pizza is next door so I got a large Creaser’s salad with chicken for about $6.00 and packed it into Gallagher’s where I heard no objections.  They sell pizza by the slice but I didn’t feel up for pizza on this trip. 

Gallagher’s has the right atmosphere for a group gathering or for watching the Chargers play the Packers.  The staff is all friendly and they made me feel welcome.  No body was counting the minutes between beers and I was told you could nurse one beer for an entire game if that’s your thing.  They offer live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Monday nights all 10 TVs are tuned to Monday Night Football.  They often host local andCaliforniareggae bands on Thursday nights.  The bottom line is this is a nice party place for anOBcrowd.

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