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There’s no better spot for fish than P.B. Fish Shop

1775 Garnett in PacificBeachis where you’ll find Pacific Beach Fish Shop which almost looks like a fast food spot from the 1960s.  Don’t go looking for breakfast; they don’t open until 11:00 a.m.  They keep the lights on until 10:00 p.m. except Sundays they close at 9:00 p.m.  I can’t help but wonder why?  Why don’t they open another spot with a view of the harbor?  I hear Pier 32 inNational City is up and running.  They’ve got good views of fine sail boats.  But for now, I understand why folks are willing to watch Midas mufflers being installed… because the food here is great!

I didn’t come looking for anything but the ocean, and along the way got a craving (sounds like a Troy Johnson thing) for fish tacos.  I can’t just order ‘fish taco please,’ because you must choose between like 9 different families of fish not to mention varieties of sea creatures available for taco filling within your choice of flour or corn tortillas made fresh for your pleasure.  I didn’t want shrimp, scallops, nor lobster in my fresh flour tortilla so I got the Alaska Halibut just because it was there. Nancygot the fish and chips, but of course fish and chips aren’t just a matter of ‘fish and chips please’.  ‘Will that be battered and deep fried or grilled?’  Nancy went with the most often ordered, fried and though it runs about $12.00 for this dish it is well worth it… if only we had a view of the sail boats to go with our chips.

Hats off to PB Fish Shop for their selection of beers, there are local brews and they offer a large number of them.  They even offer their pairing advice for your dining pleasure.  Sounds kind of upscale to me… but there you go.  They aren’t cheap, but they are good and if they took my advice and opened in a fancy view site, they’d be too expensive for my wallet.  As it is, you get what you pay for and in this case I’ll do this fast food spot anytime.


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