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BJ’s Grossmont isn’t your average sports bar

5500 Grossmont Center DriveholdsGrossmontCenteritself.  I’ve always preferred this as my destination for a mall.  It’s like the custom built house inside the tract of cookie cutter homes.  They’ve always got flowers blooming in their planter boxes equally distributed throughout the center of the mall.


You can find BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse here.  They open at 11:00 weekdays and 10:00 weekends.  From the web ( you can see they offer loads of value.


They are a microbrewery with beer vats on premises and samplers for your consumption. I’ll take the new Crispy Jalapeno Burger.  At $9.95 it’s do-able on a budget and comes with fried jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, Baja sauce, red onions, tomato and lettuce.  Though it promises lots of heat, it’s done to be fairly tame.  It is very flavorful and good tasting.


They bring kids into the equation with a huge kid’s menu and the interior of the restaurant nearly feels like a large dining hall out of an exclusive summer camp in the Catskills.


What began as another pizza joint in 1978 inSanta Ana, doing a good, deep dish pizza grew into a full fare restaurant with seven locations in SOCAL beach cities until 1996 when their seven locations included handcrafted beers and the bigger menu enjoyed by patrons today.


I am writing this article under my auspices as ‘sports bar exmainer’ simply because I know first hand that on game day all the wall hung TVs tune into the game for the locals and even though they say,  ‘We have a lively bar with plenty of televisions throughout the restaurant, but we’re not a “sports bar.” We offer our unique handcrafted beer, but we’re not a “brew pub.” We’re just a high-energy, casual dining restaurant that offers quality food and handcrafted beer at a good value to our guests. BJ’s offer a high-quality, extensive (approximately 100 items) menu featuring BJ’s signature deep dish pizza, complemented by generously portioned salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta, entrées, snacks and small bites, our own line of handcrafted microbrewed beers and of course our famous Pizookie® dessert.’


I must say this is a good spot to go with your group for a day of cheering the home team with locally brewed suds.  They offer good, friendly service and your wallet won’t be a slim line after the day ends.  It’s all good at BJ’s Grossmont.


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