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El Cajon brings good Hawaiian BBQ in the form of L & L from the big island

It would seem as though Hawaiian Barbecue is multiplying like little Jackalopes.  By default, Hawaiian food is fusion-…  Plug in any ethnic you want and that’s what Hawaiian is all about.  In the case of L & L Hawaiian Barbecue, it’s a fusion of Asian and American dishes. Hawaiiloves the plate lunch.  The plate lunch inHawaiifeatures rice, macaroni salad, and a variety of toppings (fried egg, hamburger, gravy of loco moco, tonkatsu and the kalua pig).


Back in 1976 a couple of guys began operating a little dive, based on the plate lunch.  1988 is when they took off.  Franchising proved successful for L & L Hawaiian BBQ and today they operate over 200 locations in 8U.S.states plus a few International locations.


They’ve developed award winning accolades as ‘Best Plate Lunch’; ‘Best Cheap Eats’; and ‘Best of Honolulu’ by Nations Restaurant News, Restaurants and Institutions Magazine, and Restaurant Business Magazine respectively.


Opened inEl Cajon(356 Broadway) for a couple of months, they are doing well.  The restaurant sits in a little strip mall anchored by Target.  The small interior is bright withHawaiicasting its friendly light throughout.  The staff is friendly, greeting all with ‘Aloha’ and happily taking orders.


Nancy and I took the pork bowls and @ just under $4.00, packed with what feels like 5 pounds of good plate lunch fare, we feasted until full with great lust.  I did my homework with this outing.  Last time I reviewed the Hawaiian BBQ at Parkway’s food court I felt burned by the fact that the second time I ate there, it was juxtaposed to the great outing of our first trip.  I have interviewed no fewer than 30 L & L patrons and overall they give this eatery 4 of 5 stars.  I’d agree, and I will go back for a sample of the other delights on the menu, which includes a wide range of seafood, beef, and pork and chicken dishes.  I am told I need to get the Chicken Katsu, which is crisp breaded chicken filet served with Katsu dipping sauce, and so I will try it next time.  They even offer hamburgers and fries.  I took away good vibes and satisfied hunger and am looking forward to next time.

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