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Gilly’s anybody here seen Travolta?

‘Gilly’s’  You can’t help but look around and wonder, where’s John Travolta or Debra Winger?  No, it’s not a cowboy bar, but it could be classified a karaoke bar.  Karaoke is one of this spots favorite activities.  They are located at2306 El Cajon BlvdinUniversity Heights.  They open extremely early (7:00 a.m. till 2:00 a.m.) so I’m pretty sure they offer more for breakfast than just the bargain bloody Mary’s.


Nancy and I went on Tuesday Eve for the legendary surf and turf.  That’s a steak dinner with baked potato and salad for only $9.00!  You may choose shrimp or chicken instead or for $13.00 you can do steak and one of the others.  Okay so it’s not Ruth’s Chris but it ain’t no arm or any part of my leg for the cost of dinner.  It’s about the same as my grill at home but here I don’t do any work and the price is about the same as it would be if I bought my own meat, with the cost of prep and the sides.


There’s no parking lot, so look to the streets.  Usually parking works out okay, but Tuesday nights tend to be a little crowded at dinner time.  If you want to walk off the calories, parking is no problem.


They do offer all the usual games here.  Pool tables, darts, and TVs for sports (including a nice projector set up).  The locals welcome you, provided you’re not carrying bad attitude.  And there’s lots of karaoke.  Buy a cocktail and you’ll feel it after one or two because they pour them pretty strong here.


If you’re from the neighborhood and attend school, and you’re looking to do some internet surfing, they’ve got your wifi for your surfing pleasure.  They offer at least 10 brews on tap at reasonable rates and after a few you may want to sign up for the kickball league.


I’d go back.  If I lived closer I’d go back often.  As it is Gilly’s is a four out of five for overall dive bar goodness.  You can even smoke em if you got em on the patio…


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