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South Park of San Diego is where it’s at

A long time ago I lived in North Park, and traveled toSouthPark, to learn the art of banjo pickin’.  Just so you know, this was about the time Deliverance was out in theatres andSouthParkback then was in decay.


What a marvelous turnaround for this community!  Lots of money’s been spent on properties here and so it is in a very magnetic neighborhood that I found Station Tavern & Burgers.  Cynthia was told I was a sports bar ‘analyst’ and she urged me to check this place out, ‘because it’s way cool.’  I am glad I did.  This old neighborhood gives me great hope that our future is on the rise.  Station Tavern & Burgers is a great spot for a nice meal with friends.


Located at2204 Fern an old trolley station for theSan Diegoline you’ll find a scale model of a trolley and very pleasant surroundings.  It was originally designed by architect Lloyd Russell and won a ‘Grand Orchid’ award in 2010.  This award recognized the historic aspect of the original function, and recognizes the use of space by the operation.


Inside is a lot of interesting history too.  The bar, stools, chairs, and tables were all milled from 100 year old lumber, originally part of the structure for the original tenant, Snippy’s Tavern which operated here from 1950 until 2003.  Out back you’ll find picnic tables tastefully distributed throughout the property.


The food here is excellent.  You’ll find a good blend of flavors including very tasty veggie burgers.  I did the real deal, a cheese burger with 100% cow of Angus persuasion.  With the addition of a ranch blue cheese I paid only $7.50.  It was very good.  They offer several spirits plus beer and wine of fine quality. Nancywent with the Yardbird which is a chicken done very nicely but it had a bit too much spice forNancy.  ‘Should have tried the burger,’Nancysaid.


They open at 11:30 daily and I believe close late depending on the crowd.  We did a big meal plus a couple of excellent locally crafted drafts all for under $22.00 and it will bring me back for another meal soon I am hoping.  The bad news is, they don’t do sports very well.  Small screen TV and I felt that if a good KPBS special were on, you could have trouble watching any game.



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