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My South Park has my Abbey hot and ready for action

1946 Fern St, is where you’ll find The South Park Abbey.  This place is a few blocks south of Station Tavern (Next stop… South Park at the Trolley Staion), which is where I’d just been so this left me in a very odd condition if tasting food is what I’m supposed to be doing here.  I’d heard The South Park Abbey is pretty good for the NFL and I had to stop in for a look around.  After all I had been directed to the Station Tavern for the sports bar aspect and didn’t find that to be their strong suit, so here I was at the Abbey for the sports bar experience.  It’s a winner!


What I’ve heard most about the Abbey is they have extremely good tasting wings.  As I was still nearly full up from the Station experience, I couldn’t help tasting a wing when a patron offered.  The wings are up for the challenge!  They are very tasty.  They would makeNancyhappy if she weren’t full because they are not too spicy.


The burger pasted under my nose when the server passed and deposited it on my left.  Unlike the patron on my right, I received no offers to give it a taste test.  The burger looked great!  The menu is relatively small in entrees but it’s huge in options.  You can choose 100s of permutations, with sauces, cheeses, even the onions are numerous. Side orders are generously sized with heaping servings of regular or sweet potato fries.


The beers offered is limited but like everything else in the Abbey, what they do have seems a little better tasting than most spots near by.  The bottom line is the bar is overwhelming with big TVs for your sports pleasure.


If you check out their web site ( you’ll find they keep accommodating hours for NFL games on weekends.  They do close on Tuesday’s otherwise figure they start the day at 3:00 p.m.  They also offer up live music often.  I must tip my cap for their regular charity work… offering a percentage of the take to 4 charity organizations.


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