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50 50 more than sherbet and vanilla at Liberty Station

Slater’s 50/50® Burgers by Design,  2750 Dewey Rd ,Liberty Station, check it out.


‘Welcome to Slater’s 50/50® the newest brand in interactive dining! Here at Slater’s we have established a fun, contemporary casual environment to design your perfect gourmet burger. The menu features five choices of meats from our spicy fire beef patty, the perfectly spiced turkey, one of the best veggie patties around and of course the signature 50/50® (50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon)! Throw fresh bread, 12 cheeses, 30 toppings and 20 sauces and you are sure to get the perfect meal at Slater’s. Catering also available…’


There you have it.  New to San Diego, they’ve been doing business in Orange County for years and given the owner is a Chargers fan, it’s only natural they’ve opened here.  You’ll find them midway between The Corvette Diner and Starbucks inLiberty.


The focus is definitely bacon.  5050 refers to the meat made from half beef and half bacon ground up and pattified for you burger joy.  I suspect it’s an acquired taste and as I’ve had diabetes for a couple of years now, my diet isn’t ready for that much bacon.  Being the food critique here, I felt I should do the 5050 burger or the bacon brownie… I went with the brownie and it may be good, but I just wasn’t mentally prepared for it and am still considering the overall affect.  I suspect if you are in the we love bacon on everything cult, you’d love the brownies.  I tried the Flamin’ Hot… which hosts green chilis, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo on a ciabatta roll for about $10.00.


All I can say is ‘potential’.  Overall the food operation isn’t ready.  I believe they are new and with practice they may well come up to par.  As a sports bar, they’ve got most of the ingredients for success.  Tons of flat screens line the walls for your football pleasure.  They claim to offer over 100 beers. They did offer a sampling platter of 4 x 4s.  I’m talking 4 small (4 ounce) tumblers of whatever your passion.  The service was a little off.  Again, I hope the tentative service was due to the fact that they are all new and once they’ve got a full season under their pads, they will be great!  I love the location overall it’s nice.

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