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Janet is a rare jewel who has given us Janet’s for our pleasure

Once in a rare moment, we realize we are blessed with something grand.  And so it is with Janet’s.  ‘With Janet’s what?’ one may ask.  In Alpine, Janet’s is out of MontanaJanet’s Montana Cafe is far more than just a cafe.  Or it’s a spot ready for some football Alpine has a new Tavern and sports buffs are lucky.  Now I’ve found in Santee Janet’s does it deli style.  This entrepreneur named Janet is blessed with very good restaurant savvy.   She creates pleasant ambience, teaches staff how to provide good customer service, hires only the best and then retains their services for the long term.


At9225 Carlton Hills’ll find a tree populated strip mall with the charm of a Rockwell painting.  Janet found the charm and moved on in with Janet’s Cafe and Deli.  Nancy and I headed forSanteeand we did the breakfast sandwich.  Mine was the zesty Spicy Breakfast Sandwich, egg, sausage patty, grilled red onion, tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese on an English muffin for $7.95 while Nancy did an egg and cheese on croissant $6.95.


They do breakfast starting at 6:30 a.m., followed by lunch until 2:30 p.m., and they do seem to be a very popular spot.  Nancy and I did a brunch time breakfast and we got the last table inside with only four outside tables available and when we finished eating there were no open tables, and this was on a Wednesday.


The menu is large enough with much to choose from for your breakfast pleasure and the lunch offerings give you a choice of good burgers, wraps, or sandwiches and salads.  They also offer good looking baked goodies including lots of pies, carrot cake, brownies and muffins.  I passed only because I was full when I saw them and with Thanksgiving that next day, I wanted to save myself for the family gathering.


For your holiday enjoyment, go to Janet’s Cafe & Deli during the holidays ahead for lunch and with each lunch special (Mon – Fri) purchased you may receive a free slice of pie.


Though I’m sure Janet’s will survive without my help, I highly recommend all three of her restaurants as I’ve always received great food, service and a pleasant atmosphere.

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