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Is that my kind of town Chicago… or in a NY minute for stuffed pizza

Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria 4030 Goldfinch St in Mission Hills is where you may find yourself nostalgic for your home town if it happens to be Chicago.  To me, football and pizza go well together.  That is of course if it’s true Chicago style pizza.  At Lefty’s ( you can get it many ways, including thin crust, deep dish, or stuffed.  When I think ofChicago style, stuffed is it!  This one takes about an hour to bake, with 100% pure aged cheese, two layers of crisp golden crust topped with tomato sauce and the crust acts as the bowl to hold it all together.  The bad news is you should only order this one when you’ll eat it all at one sitting because it just won’t travel well.  This one is like Thanksgiving meals when you used to go to your family and your mates on the same day for two full meals.  If you aren’t up for that much, but still wax poetic for your old home town, do theChicago style hot dog or polish sausage.  They aren’t exactly a sports bar, but they carry the sports packages for their TVs and they don’t mind if you linger for two hours over your pie and beer.  They do good burgers, salads, Buffalo wings, Italian sandwiches, and ask for a good dessert because they make them, but they change with the wind.

The staff at this location is great!  They are friendly, and attentive.  If you’re into the game, they don’t mind if you sit and watch and occasionally cheer. Chicagois the house favorite here, so come to cheer on Da Bears, Da Cubs, or Da Bulls and you’ll leave a happy fanatic.  They will let you watch the Chargers especially since the Chargers were so accommodating to Da Bears this season.

They open Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 until 10:00 p.m. and Sunday until 9:00.  Don’t come on Monday night for NFL because they take a break on Mondays.  They’re just north ofWashingtonon Goldfinch across from the Huddle.

Check this one out because it’s a lot cheaper than a trip toChicagofor authentic stuffed pizza and it’s just as good.

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