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San Diego does Mexican like nobody… it’s Old Town good

I’ve been an Old Town regular since 1968.  I began my apprenticeship in the theatre of Old Town, which allowed me to graduate high school a year early.  Old Town back then was little more than a dilapidated, one room school house; playhouse with such theatre magic that I almost auditioned for an actual play; The Casa Blanca restaurant; the open courtyard still available for fiestas today; And a few old decaying buildings doing nothing but waiting for an injury to cost the State of California big bucks for neglect.  About 1971 Diane Powers came along and reinventedOldTownHistoricState Park.


Not wanting to sound like the Old Town docent, I will say there are many eateries in the Park and just outside the Park but contiguous to it so that you could visit the Park for months and not repeat your dining experience.


I have a new favorite spot for carne asada tacos, beans and rice.  Just outside the courtyard of Fiesta De Reyes, just past the big fountain heading west, I found Barra Barra Saloon.  I’ve dined here often; each was a new incarnation with one menu featuring hamburgers?  Now it’s tasty Mexican cuisine in a tasty Mexican flavored restaurant, operated by the Fiesta De Reyes operatives.  Check out the web site for the menu because it is good ( ).


Nancy did her favorite dish of flautas, with rice, beans and flan afterwards.  My new favorite Mexican standard is a taco combo with either carnitas or carne asada in my taco.  The menu calls for soft corn tortillas or ‘Indian flat bread’, which to me, looks just like a flour tortilla, but ‘it’s different’ assured our server Ulysses, who I’m sure doesn’t spell his name as did our President Grant.


Their claim of the ‘Best $5.00 margarita inSan Diego’ apparently was accurate as that is the cocktail of choice forNancyand she was absolutely enamored by this drink.  I had tea.


The atmosphere in the Saloon is awesome.  The service from host to bartender, to server, to cooks in the kitchen was outstanding.  The food was outstanding.  And it was a day out worth repeating often.


I give Barra Barra Saloon 4 out of 5 stars.  I give Old Town State Historic Park 4 stars.  I give Diane Powers 5 stars for her appreciation and application of beauty which gives us the flavor I covet daily.

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