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Applebee’s, just another chain restaurant?

If you’ve read my work at Examiner for any length of time, you’d find that I’ve done plenty of chains, from Einstein Bagels to Subway and Outback Steakhouse to Olive Garden.  This one is yet another chain with all the usual baggage that goes with it.


Chain restaurants tend to mass produce their entrées at a central base of operation, freeze them and ship them to the various locations where they are nuked to thaw and nuked to achieve proper temps.  This procedure is true at least for Applebees Bar & Grill.


Dinning out is one of two propositions:

  • Eat because you’re hungry and you don’t want to make your own food
  • Eat because you love flavor combos which excite your palate


Applebees does not excite my palate but they do appeal to some aspects of dining out.  They offer close scrutiny of nutritional values (calories for Weight Watchers) and one of my kid’s likes this very much… They tend to produce a standardized product capable of feeding the masses with consistency.


If you dine at Applebees often enough and if you sample a large enough portion of their menu, you probably will find something you will enjoy eating at the restaurant location of your choosing.


I’ve come to know I can order the riblete’s served with fries and coleslaw for under $12.00 and I’ll be happy with my meal.  Last time in I tried the ‘Sizzling Chicken with Spicy Queso Blanco’ which is grilled chicken breast, sautéed onions and peppers, slathered in a spicy Queso Blanco for $8.99.  It was okay but fell prey to one of the chain downfalls, the chicken turned out a bit dried out.  The flavors weren’t bad and the price was right.


Nancydid a standard burger on a bun.  She subbed a veggie side for the fries and she was almost happy with it.  The burger was a little beyond medium well but the veggies were pleasing to her.  I’d personally skip the burger because I haven’t seen one in a long time from a chain that had much moisture in it.



( ) click on that if you want to meet the culinary team which developed the menu for Applebees…  Overall I will say they are okay if you stick with the items you like.  I prefer Olive Garden, but we do Applebee’s because it’s one of my children’s favorites for dining out.

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