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Cass St. in P.B. does sports bars proud to be Americans

Take I-5 north fromOldTowntoGrand Ave.exit and head west.  About three blocks from the sand and surf, hang a right onCass St.and keep going north about three more blocks and you’ll be there.


4612 Cass Stin P.B. is where you’ll find a great little sports bar.  They open about 10:00 every day but weekends when they do it at 9:00.  Cass St. Bar & Grill is ready to do business with you.  They give you what you need:  good food, good prices, great service, and an overall nice atmosphere to do this business in.


They are a local, laid back beach bar, with pool tables, shuffle board and sports on TVs.  The crew is outstanding when it comes to making you feel welcome.  They are an active group doing road trips to Padres games or OTL outings when in season.  That would be a must for any good sports bar at the beach right?  Being one of our countries youth gone for decades now (YGFDN) players, I felt at home atCass St.not because there are no youthful spirits there rather because the grays were there when I went.  This place is like home.  It made me want to walk on the beach.


I was there on a Wednesday and saw a good lunch crowd.  I was made to feel a part of the group right off.  I didn’t have to use my charm at all.  I was told the chicken sandwich was good and wanting to go healthy I ordered it.  It was good!  I watched burgers go by.  They looked great and juicy.  I saw a plate of ‘cheesy potatoes’ go by and began rethinking my choice to eat healthy.  I could choose the fish plate any day.  It looked awesome.  I can’t wait to go back for more.


The Sunday brunch is supposed to do a good mimosa so maybe I’ll hit it this Sunday.  That will be a good day to watch the Chargers heading for the finish line.  I saw a plate of Salmon pass by with nice looking veggies… Steak sandwich or Salmon?  I’m hooked and I’ll return here for sure.


Beer and wine only here so plan accordingly but plan on getting your grove back on and go.  Enjoy the warmth and hospitality and stay long enough to figure out who’s on the team next season.


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