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Jimmy’s of Santee does it well

Jimmy’s of Santee 35 years of something done right…  That’s what I’m talking about!


Jimmy’s Family Restaurant is located at9635 Mission Gorge Rd. inSantee,CA.  They have to be doing something right, because they’ve been in business since 1977 doing the family style service.  The building burned and was razed back about 1994.  They rebuilt and are going strong today.


They host meetings with a very nice banquet room for privacy.  They do breakfast, lunch and dinners at fair prices.   They open daily at 6:00 a.m. and work until 10:00 p.m. with breakfast available during the entire range.


Jimmy’s ofSanteefancy’s itself a Sports Bar because they offer alcohol and tune in sports on the TVs.  It’s an Espresso Bar, because they do that too.  The real backbone though is Family Dining and Banquets.  They do a good To Go Business (619) 448-8994.


They offer a Senior Menu, a Kid’s Menu, Weekday Specials (6:00 until 11:00) and Broasted Chicken at a good price on weekdays.  The showcase offers pies, Danish, Muffins, and Bagels with cream cheese.  More desserts top the charts with puddings and ice-cream.


They even cater to special dietary needs with a nice Low Carb menu (diabeticly proper) with plenty of lean meats and lots of good sides.  There is a large Salad Menu plus they do a Soup and Salad deal or two.  There are Hot Sandwiches, Cold Sandwiches, and as if Hamburgers aren’t Hot Sandwiches, they do 8 burgers including a Veggie Burger.


Italian Corner supports our ethnic taste buds. They do Beef, Chicken, Fish daily for us who crave variety.  They’ll provide you a moderately decent wine list if you’re eating in.  Then they’ll give you Gourmet Coffee Specialties from their espresso bar.


There’s a lot of info above for your consideration, but remember this… Jimmy’s Family Restaurant has been at it for nearly 40 years so you know in general they do offer good food and fair prices along with good service.


I’ve only been there once, but I will go back to try them again because the first trip was a good one.  Let’s give it three thumbs ups from me.



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