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Next time I want a beer, it’s the Yard House for me


1023 4th Ave, that’s 4th & Broadway, is where IT is.  The Yard House is extrodinary!

Whether you want a great sports bar, or a fun, upscale casual spot for a foodie to hang out, you’ll find it at the Yard House.


I attended my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner at the Yard House this past weekend and

I can think of nowhere better for this festive occasion.


Clearly the formula of sophisticated food and bar selections without the stuffiness of a 5 star restaurant is working well.  This incredible concept started inLong Beachin 1996.  It was envisioned as part restaurant, part bar and that vision was well crafted and has been honed extraordinarily well.


We were a party of 26 and were well accommodated, all at one table.  The only trouble was you can’t have conversations with the other end of the table.  I made my way around and had samples of plates from the guests who would have me.  Everything I tried was great!  I dream of this place now.


They are known to have about 135 beers on tap.  Silver tubes run out from a keg room to the center bar where the cold brews are drawn and served by nice service masters.  The party I was with had no trouble ordering, and receiving what they ordered.


TVs are everywhere and they carry sports packages for serious sports fans.  If you want more than beer, it’s there. Nancyhad a nice pink wine, we forgot which one she ordered and so as they say, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’  I wouldn’t have minded a Maker’s Mark but I haven’t gone down that road since being diagnosed with diabetes about 2 years ago.  The point of this story is, I you want it, it’s going to be there for your pleasure.


I am ready to go back soon.  I recommend you take in a game at the Yard House and most likely anything you eat and drink will be excellent.

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