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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

What’s in a word?  Wikipedia ( ) defines a food critic as a writer who analyzes food or restaurants and then publishes the results of their findings.  By default, I have become a food critic.  I see my mission as one of helping readers safeguard their hard earned dollars.  I know there is a degree of subjectivity to any review, no matter the subject.  ‘Find a good film critic and you’ll know which movies to go see and which to stay away from.’  You find the good critic by pairing up their taste buds with yours.  When there is one with a structure of buds similar to yours then you may follow their advise with great satisfaction, and better enjoy spending your money accordingly.


Sometimes I’ll eat at an eatery because a reader suggests I do so.  Sometimes it’s because of happenstance.  If I’m Christmas shopping and just happen into a spot for a lunch and a new article is ‘due’, then I’ll typically write up the food experience.  I was at the Viejas Outlet Mall on a shopping mission (Nancy’s missions not mine) when hunger drove us into an eatery.  Adriano’s Pizza Grotto, once known as Fillipis, was kind enough to host Nancy and I on an eating excursion.  Near dead center of the mall, you’ll find KFC, Rubio’s, Subway, soon to open Hamburger Hamlet XP, and Adriano’s.


Many people who shop Viejas love Adriano’s… I don’t.  The hostess was cute, but not very knowledgeable.  We agreed their crust was aSan Diegocrust, or I could order a thin crust. San Diegocrust is a bit doughy and twice as thick as a thin crust.  Adriano’s was maybe a little undercooked but had no flavor I could discern.   Nancy and I usually do a pizza with cheese, ham, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.  I wasn’t impressed with the cheese it was copious but again flavorless.  The veggies were fresh and good as was the ham.  ‘Should of gone with the thin crust’ is all I could say.


Wanting to offer a good word or two about a, for me, local establishment, I vowed to get back for a taste of the sandwiches because of the 7-8 people I talked to about this place, 3 of them raved about how good the sandwiches were.  Stay tuned for more to come.


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